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Rising Spirit Academy - Oxford Martial Arts

Martial Arts in Oxford

Welcome to Rising Spirit Academy Martial Arts in Oxford. We provide training in Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, plus a mixture of Jujitsu, Karate-based styles, Judo, Aikido, Krav Maga, weapons training and more. We cater for adults, juniors and whole families, all with a free 30 day try-out.

More than just Martial Arts, we include a unique Personal Development Programme designed to help you or your children develop into the sort of people you'd prefer to be. We are proud to state that this is Oxford's most inclusive Martial Arts Academy, with a professional team whose goal is to meet every individual need. We therefore recommend you contact us with your requirements. Whatever you require from a Martial Art, we can match you or your children to the appropriate art, saving you time and money.

The benefits of Martial Arts

Confidence & self-esteem

Our students have fun and perform a wide range of exercises promoting inner belief, leading to increased focus and strength of character.

Health, appearance & physical fitness

We help develop superior mental and physical skills through strength, flexibility, co-ordination and cardiovascular exercises. “The best path to fitness is through fun: it develops naturally.”


It is important to develop the vision that discipline is highly rewarding and that you can take pride in doing the right thing. Martial Arts improves overall concentration too!


It is essential that all students learn to conduct themselves with restraint to increase strength of mind.


Punching, kicking and blocking techniques are just some of the practical close and long range skills you will learn on this introductory programme. Additional skills include personal safety, awareness, and verbal confrontation diffusion techniques.


Making smarter decisions through listening and reaction drills that will improve your concentration and dexterity.


The development of courtesy and integrity reinforces respect and interpersonal skills for everyone. Etiquette also greatly improves your child’s behaviour at school and home.

Balance & co-ordination

These are important skills to learn at the start of your Martial Arts education as they ultimately lead to better posture and good spatial awareness.

Winning attitude

We help develop a non-quitting attitude that makes the student always positive and eager to learn. The secret in becoming a leader in life is to overcome difficulties through perseverance.

Freephone number: 08000 1966 55
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