Martial Arts for kids
Rising Spirit Academy - Martial Arts fort Kids
Martial arts for kids.

Are you looking for the right environment for your family?

  • Can your children concentrate at school?
  • Are they polite and well behaved?
  • Do they get enough exercise?
Martial arts classes kids
Martial arts for kids.
Our Little Ninjas classes are specifically designed to benefit children mentally and physically. We perform exercises that are easy, fun and safe, all in a friendly, family-focussed environment. Children learn the most when they are having FUN, so that is the basis for all our classes. If you'd like to discuss your child's individual needs, or simply bring them to try a free class, click here.

Taking inspiration from the highly-regarded Every Child Matters initiative, we deliver tuition to the highest possible standards.

The 5 outcomes and how we achieve them

Being Healthy

We help develop superior mental and physical skills through strength, flexibility, co-ordination and cardiovascular exercises. “The best path to fitness is through fun: it develops naturally.”

Staying Safe

Blocking and striking techniques are just some of the practical personal protection skills children learn on our programmes. Additional skills include anti-bullying, inter-personal skills and safety awareness.

Enjoying and Achieving

Our Martial Arts courses help channel energy in a positive and self-rewarding way. Goal setting, with encouragement to develop individually and achieve belts, rewards parents with a calmer, happier and more fulfilled child.

Making a Positive Contribution

We demonstrate - and expect - a non-quitting attitude, so students are always optimistic and eager to learn. The secret to becoming a leader in life is learning to overcome difficulties through perseverance.

Achieving Economic Well-being

We teach that discipline is a highly rewarding trait, and encourage everyone to take pride in doing the right thing. Students wearing our uniform know we seek to improve ourselves in all aspects of life. During our courses, we work together to increase overall concentration leading to better academic performance and a brighter future.

What black belt means to me

Before I started Martial Arts I had no confidence and I was picked on quite a bit. I was aggressive and had a bad attitude; I also struggled with my school work. Since doing Martial Arts with Rising Spirit Academy my confidence has grown a lot. I am no longer picked on, am quietly confident, am able to walk away from situations, defend myself if I have to and can hold my head up high. My school work has improved including my grades. My attitude has changed at school and at home - I'm no longer aggressive. I'm also much more enthusiastic and I'm looking forward to gaining my black belt and achieving my aim of becoming the rank of 9th Dan and world champion.

To prepare for my black belt I will take advice from my instructor and senior grades. I will work hard in all aspects of my life (school, home, relationships) and I will need to do exercise; maybe taking up jogging to improve my stamina. Then I will be able to pass easily as long as I study hard, which I will.

What does black belt mean to me? It means everything! Martial Arts is my passion and to "Be The Best" is my goal. Once I am a black belt a new journey will begin because I will be working for my next promotion in rank and who knows I may some day have my own academy, be world champion and Grand Master. I know my dreams are big but why dream small dreams when you can accomplish anything when you put your mind to it? I will work for it and I will achieve my goals.

Jack Holloway ~ Student at Rising Spirit Academy, aged 14


My son experienced bullying when attending pre-school and despite having changed schools for Year 1, was left with confidence and behavioural issues, problems with authority and an uncooperative attitude when faced with the challenges of learning and socialising. He was often aggressive and tearful at school and I feared that this early bad experience might blight his education and development for years to come.

In November 2007, aged 6, he enrolled at Rising Spirit Academy and began training under the instruction of Mr. Williams. This, I believe, marked a turning point for him. Since then, his self-confidence and self-esteem have improved dramatically and he is fulfilling his personal and academic potential at school. He has learned to participate positively in and out of school, facing and overcoming challenges in a measured and mature way and is able to resolve feelings of frustration without falling back on aggression and other bad habits. He has become a contented and self-assured child who feels proud of his achievements.

Through the Leadership Programme at Rising Spirit Academy he has learnt, understood and implemented valuable life-skills such as goal setting and problem solving as well as the discipline of Martial Arts. The physical challenge has provided him with a much needed positive channel for his boundless energy and he has learnt how to concentrate and apply himself. Thanks to Mr. Williams’ natural empathy with children and his ability to lead by example, my son now has a healthy respect for those in authority.

My son’s resulting progress and achievements have been welcomed by his teachers as well as at home. I would recommend Rising Spirit Academy unreservedly to any parent who has had similar experiences with their own children.

Mrs Beedell ~ Parent and student at the Academy

We originally wanted our daughter to do a Martial Art to give her confidence in herself and help her concentration in general. In the 18 months she has been attending Rising Spirit Academy she has changed completely. She has gone from being very shy and introverted to having the confidence to approach people and start chatting to them.

Mr Williams’s relaxed teaching style means the students actually enjoy the learning process, which means they focus more and ultimately learn more quickly. The Academy teaches the students discipline, respect, patience as well as self control and stamina. Having seen how well my daughter is progressing, I would have no hesitation in recommending a Rising Spirit Academy Martial Arts course as a worthwhile investment.

Mrs Williams ~ Parent

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